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This July, Sim, Keir, Amy, Olly and Matt are taking on Tough Mudder to raise money for Mandy's life saving surgery. Not only are they willing to risk their very lives by taking on this obstacle-endurance challenge, they're also throwing their dignity to the wind with a series of (weirdly horse related) stretch goals. Read on and contribute what you can to help us support Mandy.

The Team


Backer Rewards

Anybody who donates £20 or more will be sent our EXCLUSIVE outtakes video of the day. One time unprecedented offer! Buy now!

Anybody who donates £50 or more will be PROMINENTLY FEATURED IN OUR HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO, probably by means of us saying your name or something. This will inevitably bring you FAME and FORTUNE.

Stretch Goals

At £100 we'll run Tough Mudder. We won't suffer for free.

At £500 we'll GoPro our day and produce a 4k, HD, super quality, 5DIMENSIONS! video which we'll release after the event.

At £1,000 we'll wear tutus around the entire course. Yeah, we might even hold a poll to decide the colour. We spoil you.

At £1,500 we'll wear horse masks over one or more obastacles, film the entire thing and get a legit horse race commentator to provide a blow by blow commentary of the fallout. FML.

At £2,000 we'll stick with the horse theme and whenever we pass (or more likely are passed by) other participants, we'll don the aforementioned horsey garb and bash coconut shells together as demonstrated in the following VT:

At £2,500 we're hitting the big money prizes. We're currently discussing the limits of what we're willing to do, but rest assured it'll be bad for us and good for you. Stay tuned.

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At £100 We'll run Tough Mudder
At £500 We'll create a video of our trials
At £1000 We'll run Tough Mudder wearing fetching tutus
At £1500 We'll wear horse masks and perform some sort of inverse centaur steeple chase
At £2000 we'll increase the level of horseplay by clacking coconuts together as a horsey herd.
Recent Donations
"Collection boxes"
Jenny Watson-Spreddie
"For Amy and everyone involved you are amazing well done xx"
"Well done guys "
Ben and Lucy
"Enjoy all the mud. Please don't get electrocuted too much."
Brian Rohwell
"Good Luck with the fund rasing and Best wishes to Mandy."
Olly's Mum and Dad
"Good luck"
Ol & Britt
"Don't push yourselves tutu hard at the start..!"