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Upcoming Events

Christian and Marcello's Mid Life Crisis
Happens on: 17th June
Christian and Marcello run and swim, probably for their lives, in the Scilly Isles
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Marc Vs Horse
Happens on: 10th June
Marc is taking part in Man Vs Horse, a challenging marathon over hills and through rivers in which participants try to outrun horses! 😮
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A Very Colourful Run
Happens on: 1st July
Natalie and Laura, with their kids Rufus, Joel, Ray and Holly, will be getting colourful at the Manchester Colour Run
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Dan For Whatever
Happens: NOW!
Dan will do anything you ask him to as long as you help him to Support Mandy!
See what he's done so far or make a request
Nationwide Holiday Hamper
Happens: Now
Lorna and the staff at Nationwide in Sutton are raffling off a holiday themed hamper. Pop into the branch to enter.
Tough Mudder!
Happens on: 29th July
Sim, Keir, Amy, Olly and Matt and taking on Tough Mudder. Hopefully there won't be any injuries!
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80's Disco
Happens: 24th June
Lynda is putting on an awesome kids disco followed by a whole night of 80's fun for grown ups. Stay tuned for ticket info.
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Julie's Tortue Clothes Party
Happens: 24th May
Julie is holding a pop-up shop clothes party, selling Captain Tortue clothes to support Mandy.
Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Happens: 17th June
Sue is putting on a Mad Hatter's Tea Party to help Mandy get to her goal.
Losing Pounds to Raise Pounds
Happens: Right Now
Jessica is raising money whilst losing weight with Slimming World. For every half pount lost, 50p goes in the pot.
Bethany's Party and Raffle
Happens: 27th May
Bethany is throwing a party and collecting prizes from businesses in the local area for a raffle. That's some serious FUNdraising 🎉💃
False Advertising
Happens: Right Now
Jen, Chris and Josh of False Advertising fame are extremely kindly donating a portion of their takings from music and merch sold on their BandCamp site. Rock on! 🤘
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Sam's Jewellery
Happens: Right Now
Sam is donating 25% of the proceeds from every sale of jewellery pieces which have a heart in the design.
See Her Jewellery Here
The Norn Iron Draw
Happens on: 31st July
Vanessa, our favourite Northern Irish citizen, and Barton, our second favourite Northern Irish citizen, are holding a raffle with some sensational prizes for other Northern Irish citizens.
Penguins in Plymouth
Happens on: 23rd August
The Penguins are putting on a charity gig to fundraise for Mandy. What do you call 500 penguins in Plymouth? Lost. 😂 😔

Past Events

Ol and Britt's Half Marathon Adventure
Happened on: 21st May
Ol and Britt run their first half marathon to Support Mandy. 🏃😅
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Mandy's Munchies
Happened on: 12th May
Auntie Mary is planning on selling a lot of cakes to raise money for Mandy. Sweet!
Akinika Dress Down
Happened on: 4th May
Mandy's sister Hazel has convinced her work to let everyone wear what they want for the day. Swimsuits all round?
Ice House Hair Studio
Happens on: 30th April
Ice House Hair Studio are opening on a Sunday specially to raise funds for Mandy's surgery. Get your slot booked for a cut, colour and fundraise for c-spine surgery!
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Easter Hamper Raffle
Happened on: 15th April
Mandy's old friend Josie has put together ahamper which she's raffling at work. This is eggsactly the type of good fun fundraising that'll help Mandy to her goal! 😳
Amy Sings!
Happened on: 15th April
Amy will be hitting the streets of Manchester and busking to Support Mandy. Pop down to see her perform.
Sky Dive
Happened on: 13th April
Jemma and her sister are skydiving as a sponsored birthday celebration! Happy flying girls, hope the weather holds out! 😬
Mad Science North West Cake Sale
Happened on: 10th April
Frenchester Supper Club
Happened on: 8th April
Pauline will be cooking up a selection of delectable French foods for your consumption whilst having a little fundraise at the same time. Win-win.
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M&Co Raffle
Happened on: 2 - 9th April
Mandy's sister Tanya is kindly organising a raffle at her work.
A Barcelona Marathon
Happened on: 14th March
Mandy's brother Steven is running the Barcelona marathon to Support Mandy.
A Mandy Gras Down Under
Happened on: 4th March
In celebration of Syndney's Mardi Gras, our good friend Dan is throwing Mandy Gras; a fundraisier which is guaranteed to have maximum glitter.